Aug 12, 2010

. Welcoming District Governor James "McGyver" Makasiar in the port area of Isabela City, Basilan

51st Induction of the Rotary Club of Basilan held at the JJ Twins Pavilion.
(L-R) IPP Al-Rasheed Sakkalahul, DG James Makasiar, Pres. Eduardo Tan, ADG Oscar Zaragosa and Lady Tess Makasiar


RY 2010 - 2011


Western Mindanao command chief, Lt. Gen Benjamin Dolorfino was invited as the guest speaker of the Rotary Club of Basilan during its meeting held last August 03, 2010 at Twins JJ Restaurant, Isabela City, Basilan. He was introduced by Vice Governor Al-Rasheed Sakkalahul, the Rotary Club Basilan immediate past president for 2010.

In his speech, Lt. Gen. Dolorfino from the military point of view, describe our society in relation to promote its peace and development as a task “Trinity” which involves the participation of the government, the Armed Forces of the Philippines and the people. The role of the AFP he pointed out, is to protect the people, uphold the sovereignty of the state and defend its territorial integrity. The traditional military role is war fighting and to combat internal security problem.

The Wesmin command chief, conceptualized the nature of internal security problem in the like and image of a tree. In the fight against internal security brought about by insurgency, rebellion, terroristic acts and other atrocities, the approach has been focused on cutting or trimming down the twigs and branches of this tree the object of which is to solve this nagging problem.

Apparently, the approach has not been so successful and there must be somewhere, somehow or something wrong. The war in Mindanao has been here for almost three decades, he aptly said. That tree referring to internal security problem continues to grow because the major trunk or main roots have not been cut or eliminated.

In the internal conflict in Mindanao there are dynamics which the 3-star general, not known to all sundry, a licensed commercial pilot, categorized into six parameters, as follows, the military, socio-economic, cultural, environmental and informational.

He stressed that a well-informed citizenry on these dynamics makes the difference and useful citizenry. The different local government units play important role in promoting peace, development and security. The LGU for that matter must link hands of participative governance and serves as the united front in promoting peace and development. Its major role is to provide leadership in orchestrating multi-dimensional programs, projects and activities that would promote peace, development and security to their constituents.