Aug 29, 2008

Joint Governor's Address for Zones 10 and 11

The Rotary International District 3850, Zone 10 and 11 held its Joint Governor’s Address last August 10, 2008 at 7:00 P.M. at the Lantaka Hotel, Zamboanga City. District Zone 10 is composed of Basilan, Zamboanga City Mother Club, Zamboanga City Central, Zambonaga City North and Zamboanga City East. District Zone 11 is composed of Tawi-Tawi, Ipil Sibugay, Metro Zamboanga and Zamboanga City West.

The Presidents of each club called the meeting to order. Gov Ems gave her Message and the program was highlighted by the induction of new members, the recognition of TRF contributors and the presentation numbers of RCZC Central and the RCZC Mother Club.

Hon. Susan Yu was inducted as new member of RC Basilan with the classification of GS Public Service.

The members of the Rotary club of Basilan who attended the affair were the following:

1. Ray Lintag and Ann Marivic

2. Dave Pamaran with Ann Precy

3. Nonong and Danet Manigos

4. Cil and Rose Martin

5. Dan Cariaga

6. Bobong Yu

7. Laura Alano

8. Agnes Yu

9. Susan Yu

Fellowship follows.

Rtn Bong, PP Dan, PP Dave, Ann Precy, Ann Vic, PP Laura, PP Agnes, Rtn Susan

PP Agnes, Susan, Danet, Ann Precy, Ann Vic, PP Laura, Lydia

Pres Ray called the meeting to order for RC Basilan

Gov Ems delivering her Message

PP Laura being inducted as Governor's Special Aide for Basilan

Rtn Susan Yu after her induction with her sponsor PP Agnes

Bobong, PP Dan, PP Dave, Ann Precy, Ann Vic (partly hidden)

Seated: Pres Ray, PDG Boloy, DG Ems, PP Laura
Standing: PP Dave, Ann Precy, Ann Vic, PP Dan

Ann Vic, Rtn. Rose, Ann Precy, PP Dave, PP Laura, DG Ems, Pres Ray, PP Cil

Ladies from other clubs with Ann Precy and Ann Vic

PP Laura and Pres Ray doing the "Swing"
Dexter, unya na ka.

PP Laura, PP G-III, PP Dan, Pres Ray, PP Cil, PP Dave, Ann Precy

"Dili man kapuya ning bayhana?"

Rotarians and Anns of RCZC Mother Club
with their presentation number

ADG Edmon having great time.

PP Dave, PP Cil, Pres Ray

Aug 28, 2008

District Governor Emma Nava Visits Rotary Club of Basilan

Gov Ems Arrives in Basilan!

Gov Ems with her Gunless Security Escorts !

District Governor Emma "Ems" Nava of District 3850 visits the Rotary Club of Basilan last August 5, 2008 as part of her scheduled club visits within the District. Arriving from Zamboanga City at 11:30 a.m. via MV Nichole, she was met by Pres. Ray Lintag and PP Dan Cariaga. Gov Ems together with ADG Edmon Dimaano, ADG Dexter Chang, Pres Ric Coros of RCZC North, and Pres Serge Probadora of RCZC Central proceeded to JJ Twin's Ice Cream House and Restaurant were other members of the club eagerly awaits their arrival. A short discussion between DG Ems, ADG Edmon, Pres Ray and PP Dan on the plans and programs of the club was held. It was followed by a lunch and after which the meeting proper was called to order. DG Ems emphasize in her message the three major thrusts of rotary such as Water, Health and Hunger, and Education. She also discussed about contributing to the TRF and all other information pertaining to the district plans and programs. Before going back to Zamboanga for another club visit in the evening, Gov Ems had a courtesy call to the Mayor of Isabela City, Mayor Cherrylyn Santos Akbar.

Gov Ems being greeted by PP Laura

Members eagerly awaiting the Arrival of Gov Ems, ADG Edmon, ADG, Dexter and others

(Please click on the Photo to view a larger image)

"Hindi kita palalampasin! Ummm!"

"Dexter, kanina ka pa ayaw mong bitawan yan. Galit ka ba sa baboy?"


Aug 22, 2008

Rotary Club of Basilan Induction and Turn-Over Ceremonies

The Rotary Club of Basilan held its 49th induction of officers and turn-over ceremonies last July 4, 2008 at the JJ Twin’s Pavillion, Isabela City, Basilan with Assistant District Governor of District 3850 Eduardo “Edmon” Dimaano, a double Paul Harris fellow, as the inducting officer, who gave an inspirational message.

Outgoing RCB President Wilfredo “Wil” Zerna, a Rotary Foundation sustaining member, delivered his valedictory address and the incoming President Raymond “Ray” Lintag also delivered his inaugural address.

The new set of officers for RY 2008-2009 inducted are: Raymond “Ray” Lintag, president; Rtn. William “Bobong” Yu, RFSM vice president; PP Fernando “Dan” Cariaga, secretary; PP Laura “Lau” Alano; treasurer; Danet “Net” Manigos, auditor; PP Danilo “Dan” Bucoy, RFSM special project Committee; Reginaldo “Dodie” Bucoy, RFSM club administration Committee; Rtn. James “James” Buckly, RFSM Rotary Foundation Committee, IPR Wilfredo “Wil” Zerna, RFSM Service Projects Committee and PP Agnes Quida “Agnes” Yu, membership Committee, all to serve as Board of Directors. RTN. Al Rasheed Ahmad “Al” Sakalahul, RFSM is the president-elect for RY 2009-2010.
The guest of honor and speaker for the occasion was properly introduced by the RCB president-elect for Roraty Year 2009-2010, Basilan Vice Governor Al-Rasheed Ahmad “Al” Sakkalahul, a Rotary Foundation sustaining member (RFSM), the guest of honor and speaker, Col. Rustico O. Guerrero, PN (M) GSC, commander of the First Marine Brigade assigned at the island-province of Basilan, finished his military course and bachelor degree at the Philippine Military Academy. He is a recipient of several military awards and medals and likewise completed the General Staff and Command (GSC) Course. A future AFP general, an officer with sterling qualities. ( Per Yasser S. Lahaman)

PP Dave Pamaran, the Master of Ceremonies

PP Nonong Manigos giving the invocation

PP Dick Brown for the Opening Remarks

Immediate Past President IPP Wilfredo "Wil" Zerna giving his Valedictory Speech.

President Raymond "Ray" Lintag giving his Inaugural Speech

Asst. District Governor Edmon "Edmon" Dimaano giving his Inspirational Message

President-Elect Al-Rasheed Ahmad "Al" Sakkalahul introducing our Guest Speaker

Col. Rustico Guererro, our Guest Speaker, delivering his Message

Recipients of Rotary Awards

Vice-President William "Bobong" Yu for the Closing Remarks